Our work environment at Rinnovo is based on teamwork! At our salon we have a level system that sets every young stylist up for success by teaching each step of the way. We offer part time or full time and help you build a strong foundation for success. We are strongly team based, and all that we ask if you have the WILLINGNESS to learn!

Assisting duties consist of blow-drying, keeping track of senior staff schedule, cleaning, laundry, and overall helping the salon as a whole. Along with this you will learn through senior staff, practice on mannequins, attend various classes to be able to be ready to go onto the floor as a level 1. During this time, you will be able to perform some services with a reduced rate for a “junior stylist”

You will be paid hourly, and tipped out by the staff you assist as well as tips from clients. Year one of being a level 1 you will receive hourly pay while you establish and build your clientele before you become commission by itself.