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Rinnovo works hard to provide you with excellent service and quality work! The following menu reflects the start price based on a level system of stylists starting at level 1 up to level 5, (5 being the owner). Each price is listed a la carte below so if you are getting multiple services they will likely be added together at your visit. The prices vary depending on level and experience of stylist. If you have any questions about this please ask your stylist at your visit or call us at any time!

Wash, Cut, and Blow-dry age 14 and up  $50-60

Designed to help you find a style that fits you and your lifestyle. This service includes a consultation, a relaxing and luxurious shampoo, a haircut specially tailored to you, and a beautiful blowout to finish.

 Clipper Cut  $25-31

A clipper cut is a short haircut, it can be used with or without scissors on the top. The service comes with a consultation, the haircut, a wash at the sink, and a style at the end.

Child Cut Age 0-9  $25-27
Child Cut Age 10-13 $27-$40

All of our children’s cuts are priced upon age and stylist level. We understand it can be nerve-wracking for kids to come to the salon. We try our best to meet at their level, and really do whatever is age appropriate to help them get comfortable at the salon. The kids can get washed at the sink, or not depending if they are ready. We always get the job done, but at the child’s comfort level!

Root Color  $50-65

A root color is a one process color service. This is when you have one color applied on the roots only. If you add additional foils or add a glaze on the ends it then becomes a 2 process color. This also means the pricing may change, and to check on pricing there is a list of add on services to show additional costs. The service typically is paired with a blow dry or a haircut, although it doesn’t have to be.

Root Color with an Accent foil $95-110

If you typically get some foils to break up your color this is the option for you. This is a service you might do every time or maybe every once in a while. A discussion on upkeep with a good consultation will determine if this service is for you.

Glaze  $30

The glaze is also a refresh of color on the ends. This can be done in conjunction with a root color or as a service alone.

End Color/toner $20

Toners are essentially added onto a service to change the tonal value of the ends of the hair. Typically used for lightening, blonde, balayage, highlights, or just to eliminate or add in wanted or unwanted tones. MOST of the lightening services have a toner added onto the price, it is rare you will not need a toner for blonding services.

Blowout $40

Getting one of our signature blowouts is a treat! You can add on a sink treatment with a 5 minute scalp massage, or add on waves or flat iron at the end for a beautiful finish!

Partial Foil   $90-115

A partial foil includes highlights tailored to your head shape and your desired lightening. It will give you an overall brighter lighter look, and focus on the top half the head. This is a typical service that is done in conjunction with a blow-dry, or haircut. An added low light is not an additional charge should you do both highlights and lowlights. The price may change if adding on any treatments or a toner.

Full Foil   $105-125

A full foil includes putting lightener in foils that will be from the nape of the neck to the front hair line. It covers the entire head so you have an entire look that is lighter! This is suggested every 2nd or 3rd foil appointment (with the assumption you come every 6-8 weeks for touch ups) . Again, this is usually paired with a blowdry or haircut, as well as a toner if needed.

Partial Balayage   $105-130  Full Balayage $115-140

Balayage is a technique that we used to get a more lived in look. The definition of Balayage is a technique that means hair painting, so more than an actual look it is a technique used. This can be used to overall lighten the hair, depending on the outcome desired it can have a more rooty effect. Having a good consultation with your stylist will determine if this is a good way to go for you and your lifestyle!

Color Correction starts at $250

With a color correction, this means that you are looking to make a major change from either dark to light or vice versa. Maybe you have red in your hair and need it stripped out or you have been box coloring for years and looking to make a big change. Regardless this can vary in price, as well as timing depending on how big of a change you are making. This requires an in depth consultation either in person or over the phone.

Kerasilk Defizz Service $90

This is a shorter and milder version of the Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment. This is ideal for someone who is going on vacation, or to an event that they would like that extra shine and smoothness.  It is recommended to use the Kerasilk Control Shampoo and Conditioner for longer lasting and best results. This usually lasts 4-6 weeks depending how often you wash your hair.

Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment  $300

Our Kerasilk Smoothing treatment is a long lasting smoother that coats the hair to eliminate frizz, smooth the hair, make it shinier and easy to manage! It lasts anywhere from 3-5 months.  This is ideal for a client that has unruly frizzy hair, we have different levels to be able to smooth but also keep a natural curl if you do not like it straight all of the time! A consultation over the phone or with a stylist can help you decide if this is a good treatment for you! We are requiring a $100 deposit to book these treatments due to the amount of time blocked off for this appointment!

Add On Treatments 


Lip $12   Brows $20

Olaplex and a blowdry treatment  $70

Olaplex is a treatment that repairs the bonds of the hair when damaged, as well as prevents breakage in major color corrections or lightener use. This is the latest in keeping the hair bonds intact or repairing or preventing major damage.

Olaplex added to another service $30

If you add Olaplex to your lightener/color the cost is added on in order to protect your hair while color can take layers of the natural hair bonds away. This is for someone who does highlights a lot, with a risk of overlapping, or someone with extreme damage that wants to keep the integrity of their hair, also for anyone who is going from dark to light as a color correction, OR anyone who wants to use it as a preventative measure for keeping healthy hair during any color process. This added onto a service can take an extra 10 minutes as there is an extra step involved at the sink.

In Sink Deep Conditioner $15

This deep conditioner is done as a 5-10 minute add on at the sink to be done in conjunction with another service. Comes with a scalp massage, and is a starting point for hair to feel replenished and moisturized. This is one way to always be adding moisture or preventing damage by keeping the hair strong and healthy.

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