Cancellations and No Shows

When we have a cancellation or no show it effects our schedule and income. If you weren’t aware, most team-based salons work on commission, and do not get paid hourly. This means if you do not come to your appt, the stylist doesn’t get paid and if the notice is too short, we are unable to fill this spot.

What we want to do is make our clients aware of this and respectfully ask that you do the right thing regarding your appt. If you absolutely cannot make your appt, we will help you reschedule. However, if the last-minute cancellations and no shows become habitual, we will ask you nicely not to make appointments ahead of time and have you book same day appointments or put a nonrefundable deposit on your appts.

Team work and Level System

At Rinnovo, we want all of our clients to be comfortable to go to any stylist in the salon. At any given time, you might see several stylists saying hello to any client in the salon! We also keep a record of everyone’s hair color and previous services so no matter who that client sees they will be in good hands. All of the levels at the salon have been trained in our apprenticeship program and are well qualified for all services. You may find some levels do not do some services; however you can go to another stylist that is qualified for that service without the guilt of seeing another stylist in the same salon.

Thank you for understanding that we are trying our best to meet the needs of ALL clients. We appreciate your business and hope you can help us run smoothly!

-Rinnovo Team