Salon Policies

Due to an increase of last minute cancellations and no show clients, we have been forced to instate new policies regarding your appointments. Although we wish we didn’t have to do this, our livelihood depends on you, so we hope you can understand.

Cancellations and No Shows

A cancellation of any appointment requires 24 hours notice. If cancelling within that 24 hours window you will acquire 1 of 3 strikes. After 3 strikes we will then require 50% of the cost of your scheduled appointment in order to book your appointment. This also includes no show appointments. Please understand that we try to be as understanding as we can, but no show appointments leave us zero time to fill that spot, and isn’t fair to the stylist or other clients that are trying to book.

Late appointments

We reserve the right to turn away a client that is 15 minutes or more late. We run our schedule on the half hour, and aren’t able to make up that time, therefore running late for other clients as well. Again, we will try and be accommodating within reason. Thank you for understanding.

Online Booking

We would like to continue our online booking for our clients convenience. However, we have had multiple instances where clients book online and do not show up for their appointment. We have taken away the ability for clients to cancel their appointments themselves. So when booking online please make sure it fits in with your schedule and if you cannot make it please email or call us within 24 hours of the appointment in order to cancel or you will have a strike against you.

Long Appointments

If you book an appointment that is a large block of time we will most likely be calling to have you put a deposit in on that appointment. Color corrections or keratin treatments tend to be longer so please know that when these get cancelled last minute we are, again, unable to fill this spot.

Thank you for understanding that we are trying our best to meet the needs of ALL clients. We appreciate your business and hope you can help us run smoothly!

-Rinnovo Team